About Us

My company was established in 2008 in a very small room and we have since grown strength to strength. Today we are a small company situated in the center of Paarl working with community by, among other things, training community members on how to use the correct fire equipment and methods for fighting runaway fires. We sell and provide all firefighting equipment and service of equipment to the general public as well as industrial clients. In addition, we provide training for industrial purposes in and around the workplace. Our training is done onsite for farms and industrial sites and the clients are provided with the necessary certification upon completion as requested by the Department of Labour.

A little bit about fire

Tetrahedron 1

As indicated by the fire tetrahedron below, a fire is the result of a combination of a fuel, oxygen, heat and a chemical chain reaction. The first three elements, fuel, oxygen and heat, all need to be in the correct proportions for the chemical chain reaction to take place. For many years fire was symbolized by a simple triangle, the Triangle of Combustion, representing the fuel, oxygen and heat. With further research into fire determined the necessity of the fourth element (chemical chain reaction). As a result, the fire triangle was changed to a fire tetrahedron that displays all four elements needed for fire to occur. The removal of one of the four elements is how a fire is extinguished.

Each required element has its own function which is why they are all required. The oxygen is needed to sustain combustion, sufficient heat raises the burning material to ignition temperature and the fuel is the combustible material that is ‘burning’. Subsequently an exothermic chemical chain reaction takes place in the combustible material. There are many kinds of fuel/combustible materials that can be categorized as liquids, solids and gasses.